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Birds maybe beautiful creatures but they can also be a nuisance if they persist in sitting on your aerial – and doing what birds do – making a mess on your car, driveway or patio !

Well if this is your problem our team at Cohen TV Aerials have a number of options for you.

Flock Off Bird Deterrent for Aerials

Cohen TV Aerials Fitting Service

Firstly, our engineers may be able to move your aerial to a different location whilst still ensuring that you have a good signal – for instance to a chimney or the loft. We use high quality signal strength meters and our engineers will soon be able to advise you if this is an option that is suited for your property.

Secondly, it may be that a specialist pole will be the answer to your problem. A double cranked pole can be fitted and this could be your solution.

bonus of our Guarantee

If conventional options are not suitable for your property our engineer can fit plastic bird spikes. The spikes will not interfere with your signal but will deter medium to large sized birds who will not be able to land on your aerial. Smaller birds will still be able to use the aerial as a perch but it goes without saying that the problem from the small birds will be much smaller !

Using Cohen TV gives you the peace of mind of using an established professional Company with the added bonus of our Guarantee (full details including any limitations to be found on our Guarantee page)


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Our services are not just Southend and the surrounding area but we cover most of Essex and into East London.
The Company offers a FREE ESTIMATE SERVICE and one of our engineers will be pleased to come along to your home to advise you of the best options for you at competitive prices.

The shop premises at 979 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 3LB are open Monday to Friday – 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. but our telephone lines - 01702 470 202 and freephone 0800 019 1123 are open 7 days week (excepting bank holidays as we do answer the phone on bank holidays).


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